Book Excerpts

Chapter I The prince goes north! And I, thank Ord, the World-Serpent, and whatever other gods and monsters I've blathered on about – I go with him! I'm hardly starting from the start, I know, but I suspect I've given Obris' old maxim more credit than it's due. I kept it well in mind as… Continue reading

This book of tales, I dedicate to the prince: a man I never met in life, and a man I failed in death. Had he lived, I believe he'd take a keen interest in these stories. With what little power I command over the written word, I pray to draw these threads of legend and history together, and so bring him some small measure of the peace he was denied. Alexi – long live the prince.

They've taken the prince. There: if I get nothing else down in this little pamphlet, those words will bear witness against my captors, should I not make it home – as seems ever-more likely. They won't do me much good – my captors are the only ones who know this book exists.

Between the Walls of Night

The prince is dead. Never thought I’d be the one to write that, before scribes and historians got the chance. Then again, never thought I’d end up in front of the king on the last day of Autumnal, called to court on a secret, urgent errand… It's been an odd day.