For long dark centuries, legend spoke of a prince, born to save the world…
And now that prince is dead.

Those stories, collected by my father in the last days of the old kings, tell of a world long past in its own words… halting and strange as they may be. Tasked with scattering the ashes of the fallen prince, he journeyed north in secret with forces unknown and unknowable chasing his every step. In time, he discovered his mission was but one part of an ageless tale: one whose ending he, a peasant farmer, would ultimately decide.

Hardcover Collected Edition – Available Now

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Series Paperbacks

Book 1 Cover

Book I: Between the Walls of Night – Available Now

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Book II: Behind the Dark of Days – Available Now


Book III: Beneath the Spires of Solace – Available Now


Book IV: Before the Heights of Legend – Available Now